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Mesopotamıa Gastronomy Summıt

The Mesopotamia Gastronomy Summit was held between 09-11 November 2023, hosted by the Gastro Innovation Center, in cooperation with Diyarbakır Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Özyeğin University and Yerküre Local Studies Scientific Research Cooperative.
In the Organizing and Advisory Board of the Summit, our university's Faculty of Applied Sciences, Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department Head Assoc. Dr. Özge Samancı, Murat Bayramoğlu from Sustainability Platform took part in the Executive Board.
More than 300 people and more than 50 institutions, including representatives of embassies, public institutions, non-governmental organizations and cooperatives, academics and students from all over Turkey and abroad, attended the summit.
In eight sessions held at the Mesopotamia Gastronomy Summit, 37 scientists, chefs and researchers working in the field of gastronomy shared their knowledge and experiences. Four main topics came to the fore at the summit: agriculture, history and cultural heritage, Mesopotamian cuisine, geographically indicated products and future key concepts.
During the summit, Assoc. Dr. Özge Samancı "Understanding Diyarbakır Cuisine in the Context of Local Cuisine - National Cuisine", Dr., faculty member of our university and director of Agriculture, Food and Local Development Research and Application Laboratory -LOAFLAB-. Candan Türkkan made a presentation titled "An Introduction to the Analysis of Diyarbakır Food Regime" and Murat Bayramoğlu made a presentation titled "Diyarbakır Geographically Indicated Products Holistic Strategy". The poster design of the summit was made by KİBİ Corporate Visual Design Team Manager Orhun Erdenli.