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Knowledge, Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship Center


Özyegin University has an umbrella unit that encompasses the ÖzU  Technology and Transfer Office (TTO), Center for Entrepreneurship,  Lifelong Learning Academy (LLA) and Openfab that work in cooperation  to coordinate and enhance ÖzU’s contribution to knowledge  dissemination. With the support of the unit, the university has 314  patent applications , 107 granted patents and 4 granted utility models.

With a unique UIC model: Onsite Academy, Vestel ( 2013), Turkcell (2015)  and Turk Telekom (2020) companies support academic chairs at ÖzU which  entails salaries and the research budget. Research activities are carried out  and joint patent applications are made with the companies. As of 2021-

22 academic year, 239 students working in these companies are graduate  students at ÖzU, 321 company employees are a part of ÖzU alumni, 55 R&D  projects have been conducted and 126 joint patents have been acquired.  


ÖzU Center for Entrepreneurship Seminars and Training: ÖzU Entrepreneurship Factory 11. Health and Education Foundation  Schools’ Mission Possible Project: Entrepreneurship Seminars The 5th Mission Possible project competition, which has the goal of  contributing to a sustainable future, aims to give our high schoolers the  opportunity to design their projects in the most efficient way. Özyegin  University provides a 6-module education program which gives students  the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in project management,  leadership and entrepreneurship.

Master Club Training within the Scope of the Platform for Women  Leaders in Real Estate:

GKL Master Club Training offered by the Platform for Women Leaders in Real  Estate focused on “Technology” and “Sustainability” for those who want to  deepen their professional life, “Entrepreneurship” for those who want to  establish and develop their own business, and “Personal Development” for  those who need individual development in order to overcome the difficulties  in business life