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Local and Rural Development

Sustainable local and rural development continues its efforts in collaboration with civil society, local governments, academia, and the public sector. The focus is on organizing capacity-building educational programs, conducting academic research, generating data-driven knowledge, and developing models for the emergence and proliferation of good practices in the areas of food, agriculture, and ecology.



Mobilizing the University Against Climate Change: An innovative learning program on the university campus that directly addresses Climate Change and encourages students, academic, and administrative staff to take collective action.



'Yaklaş' utilizes transdisciplinary and collective concepts to create and implement unique strategies, aiming to foster progress and improvements in targeted areas through collaborative action and responsibility.

#ReducingInequalities #SocialInclusion #RightToTheCity

Social Empowerment Studies

Since 2018, TGÇ_Nişantepe has been focusing on child poverty with a rights-based approach, aiming to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty in disadvantaged areas. By collaborating with academics to address problems identified with the participation of disadvantaged groups, TGÇ_Nişantepe designs, implements, develops, and then hands over multi-stakeholder field programs based on academic research, within a framework of collaboration between civil society, local government, academia, and the public sector.