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TUSIAD Sustainable Development Forum

Özyeğin University started collaboration with the Turkish Industry and Business Association (TÜSİAD) in 2015 for institutional representation. As a result of this collaboration, the Turkish Industry and Business Association (TÜSİAD) and Özyeğin University established the TÜSİAD-Özyeğin University Sustainable Development Forum (SDF) on April 6, 2017.  The TÜSİAD-ÖzU SDF aims to introduce new approaches and methods in order to propel sustainable economic development and smart industrialization while minimizing their adverse effects on society and environment.

The impact of the business world on sustainable development cannot be denied. Economists and other scientists have long demonstrated and today it widely has been recognized that the sustainable growth of the business world is, in fact, integrated with and directly linked to sustainable development. In business, the term “sustainable development” was described as “the kind of development that meets the present needs of an organization while conserving the human and natural resources the organization will need in the future”. With this new approach, sustainable development rose to prominence with its economic, environmental and social dimensions.

SDF carries out its activities with due consideration of the needs of the business world. As specified in its establishment protocol, SDF’s activities are focused on the United Nation’s 17 sustainable development goals, which replaced the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals in 2015 and were adopted by many countries around the world, including Turkey.

SDF, although their activities are based on this 17 title, when determining the scope of its activities, the aim of covering all areas of life will be meaningful for Turkey's development and progress in the identification of priority targets. SKF In this regard, already determined sustainable development in achieving the objectives of the current situation in Turkey and determined priority areas for the purposes of carrying out studies in this area. In Turkey 'in Sustainable Development' is related to the valuable work of different agencies, it will cover the entire country and the working environment and results, including the planning and implementation phases has been limited. It is required of of the business world in our country as well as in the global assume the role of locomotive in this regard in an environment, TUSIAD 'Vision 2050 Turkey' in the report as revealed mentioned the awareness on this issue and take responsibility. Based on these reasons, SKF aims to ensure that the necessary research is carried out.

TUSIAD - the essence of the Sustainable Development Forum, starting from global developments and Turkey's aiming for Sustainable Development, the Turkish business world faster adaptation to this change and the risks and opportunities faced by all sectors that are related Özyeğin University issues and develop internal competencies that purpose a work and dialogue environment. This forum is missing in Turkey and yet not systematically approached in a field while pioneering scientific work, also can not be met yet fully established relationships with international, it will aim to answer the essential needs.

In order to achieve these objectives, TÜSİAD - ÖzU SKF carries out various projects. The first of these is a project to develop a sustainability index that will enable companies and sectors to be evaluated in terms of sustainability. Click here for detailed information about this project. You can always contact us about Project.