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Sustainability Approach

Our university has embraced sustainability as one of its core values since its inception and strategy. The university sees it as its mission to serve as a pioneering higher education institution that strives to minimize its activities' adverse environmental, social, cultural, and economic effects. It leads society to a sustainable lifestyle. In line with this mission and value, Özyeğin University aims to create and share knowledge about, raise sustainability awareness, and contribute to this multi-disciplinary and transdisciplinary environment. For this purpose, while addressing sustainable development academically, Özyeğin University endeavored to develop a university model that fosters a sustainable lifestyle among all its participants and stakeholders.


Özyeğin University's Vision for a Sustainable Future


Social Contribution Framework

The primary function of higher education institutions, the pinnacle of the education system, has always been education, research, and knowledge transfer. However, beyond this, universities form a direct relationship with society’s creative and intellectual side through all these activities, feeding on the society they belong to and continuously forging society’s historic, cultural, and social development. In full awareness of its both transforming and transformative role in its interactions with the society that nurtures it, Özyeğin University (ÖzU) embraces serving society through all of its activities as its key value, goal, and purpose. As an entrepreneurial research university, the mission of ÖzU is to serve society by ensuring the actualization of solution-oriented and high-value-added practices.

Sustainability Related Instutional Accolades


2022- 2023 Sustainable Development Goals Report was published.


2022- 2021 Sustainable Development Goals Report was published.


2021- ÖzÜ's first Sustainability Report for 2020, prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards, is was published


2020 - The First University to Receive the “Zero Waste Certificate”

2022-2023 Academic Year


Özyeğin University defines social contribution within a broad framework that encompasses its own campus operations, educational activities, research activities, organized events, and social welfare and responsibility activities. All of these endeavors are run concurrently by different units—both academic and administrative—and coordinated by SP to create synergies, thereby improving their efficiency, effectiveness, and impact. Below, various aspects of ÖzU's endeavors to put sustainability goals into action are shared.
79 %
Share of Sustainability Funds in Research Funds
48 %
Share of Sustainability-Related Student Clubs in all Clubs
33 %
Share of Sustainability Courses in all Courses
67 %
Share of Sustainability-Certified Buildings (in all academic buildings)
Özyeğİn University

Sustainability Platform

The sustainability approach of Özyeğin University is to reduce the university's direct and indirect negative impacts on the world's degradation, slow down environmental degradation in the process of industrial development, and support the creation of a continuously improving organic community. With this understanding, the ÖzÜ Sustainability Platform (SP) was established as a special organization that coordinates the development of sustainability in the university's education, research, and community contribution activities and supports the initiation of new ventures.