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Sustainability is also a significant part of education at Özyeğin University. In fact, the Faculty of Business has explicitly listed sustainability, social responsibility, and social integrity among its Guiding Principles of the Faculty of Business. Also, the Faculty’s Sustainability in Business course and affiliated certification programs explore how the practice of environmental, social, and economic sustainability could be integrated into the decision-making processes of all functional areas of business. Likewise, our Faculty of Architecture and Design also set its priority in education as “focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation that are based on the axis of design within the context of sustainable and interaction design to conserve the local and global resources.” Meanwhile, the English Preparatory Program courses give students the opportunity to study the economic, social, and environmental dimensions of the concepts of “sustainable development” and “business ethics” based on research from both Turkey and abroad as well as a series of case studies and student projects.

ÖzU’s curriculum is also a testament to the importance ÖzU attaches to sustainability. The ÖzU curriculum includes almost 40 courses pertaining to sustainability. These courses are offered by the departments at the Faculty of Business, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Architecture and Design, and the School of Applied Sciences. Among the sustainability-focused courses are “Energy, Environment, and Economy for Sustainable Istanbul 2050”, “Business World and Sustainability”, “Green Buildings and Sustainable Design”, “Energy Law”, “Gender and Politics”, “Ecology and Food Production”, and “Ecotourism”.