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Pengutech, A Start-up Located at ÖzU Fit Start-up Factory

Pengutech, located in the ÖzU Enterprise Factory and founded by our 4 graduates, focuses on implementing different ideas in order to reduce carbon energy consumption and use energy efficiently. The company focuses on the use of automation systems with artificial intelligence, a real-time monitoring system of food storage conditions, and PTF (Market Clearing Price) Forecasting Software. Pengutech company aims to develop energy-saving software products by calculating the energy needs of each building point with artificial intelligence and optimizing the system without compromising its comfort. While continuing to work on this subject, he also developed software for coffee and bakery businesses that monitors temperature, humidity levels and indoor energy consumption, which both saves energy and prevents food waste. Pengutech has also developed an artificial intelligence-based software model to prevent excessive production in the electricity market in order to increase efficiency in energy production and reduce electricity prices and provides consultancy services to companies.