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Energy Use

ÖzU continues to operate onsite tri-generation plants at the campus and it has installed solar PV across the rooftops of the University building portfolio, maximizing the use of on-site renewable energy generation wherever practical.
In 2022, ÖzU consumed 9,000,000 kWh of energy. Approximately 122,000 kWh of electricity was saved by using renewable energy sources on the university campus. It is expected that this savings will increase to 565,000 kWh (4X) in 2023 and be sustained in the coming years.
The total solar energy capacity on the ÖzU campus is 378 kWp. Every saving in our operational expenses, particularly in energy costs, contributes to the creation of funds for the Equal Opportunities in Education Scholarship (EFEB) at our university. The savings in 2022 and beyond are equivalent to approximately 1-2 EFEB student scholarships.

ÖzU has several applications to restrict its carbon footprint including the use of wind power and solar panels on all the non-green roofs, as well as a trigeneration system for heating and cooling. It has recently started using a web-based carbon footprint calculator and carbon management software that provides the capacity to measure, track, report and manage its carbon footprints based on the guidelines of “The Greenhouse Gas Protocol”. Özyegin calculates Scope One and Two Emissions: emissions intensity and emissions reductions, using 2018 as the base year. ÖzU carbon emission calculation shows 6.316 tonnes Co2 for the year 2022 with 0,931 tonnes per person Co2 calculations.