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Agriculture, Food and Local Development Research and Application  Laboratory (LOAF) aims to conduct academic research in the fields of food,  agriculture and local development, to produce data-based information,  to produce practice-oriented best practices, which simultaneously  contain the cause, effect and solution possibilities of the ecological crisis  we are going through on a global and national scale. was established  to develop models for the emergence and dissemination of examples.  Sustainable agro-ecological agriculture practices, assurance and justice in  accessing healthy food, strengthening local communities, increasing the  management capacities of local governments, ensuring economic, social  and cultural integration between rural and urban areas, and combating  rural poverty are among the laboratory’s main areas of interest and work.

Research on Agricultural Transformations and New Peasants in  Turkey aims to define the formation of the new peasantry (neo peasantry), which became visible after the 2000s, to determine the characteristics of the new peasants and to determine the transformations in the agricultural structures of the new peasantry.