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Sustainable Practices: ÖzU Campus

Campus Buildings in Sustainable Standards: ÖzU has always strived to be a green university since the day it was founded. Sustainability is one of the core elements included in the University’s first founding strategy. As a testament to ÖzU’s commitment to being a green sustainable university, three of ÖzU’s campus buildings received the LEED Gold Certificate based on the measurements of the US Green Buildings Council.  The third campus building, AB3, or the ScOLa, is renowned as one of Turkey’s most energy-efficient academic buildings. Today, the total energy consumption of the ScOLa building corresponds to only 20 percent of an average academic building in Turkey. The ScOLa building was constructed within the scope of the NEED4B “New Energy Efficiency Demonstration for Buildings”,  a collaborative project co-financed by the European Union under its 7th Framework Program for which the Center of Energy, Environment and Economy (CEEE) at Özyeğin University won a project award. With its budget of 1.3 Million Euros, the NEED4B project is also one of the biggest energy projects that has ever been awarded to a Turkish university.

ÖzU Environment Policy states that "The Özyeğin University campus houses green and sustainable buildings. The University also ensures that all its new buildings are environmentally friendly."

Sustainable Commuting: ÖzU promotes sustainable commuting by providing free shuttle services to all employees. Shuttle services are also provided to and from various parts of the city at reduced prices for students. A regular ring service to the metro station is also available. ÖzU also encourages students to carpool by providing a social platform for carpooling arrangements in My ÖzU, the intra-communication platform of the university.

ÖzU Affordable Housing for Employees: At Özyeğin University, limited on-campus free housing is available especially to staff relocating to Turkey. The Guest House building for short stays also has 18 fully furnished faculty apartments, 8 with one bedroom and 10 with two bedrooms. Additionally, nearly 300 staff receive monthly rent support yearly.

Affordable Housing for Students: Campus dormitories are elaborately designed with various housing options that provide a warm and home-like atmosphere. Our dorms are prepared to cater to every need of residents. The dorms offer single, double, triple, and quad room alternatives, all with bathrooms, each equipped with a fridge, as well as a wide range of amenities and offerings for common use including free laundry room, group study rooms, lounges and guest reception rooms,  TV rooms, cafeterias, mini-markets, food and drink businesses, an infirmary, and ATMs. Each of our dorms also has a surveillance system; a hot water, security, and ambulance service; and wireless internet. Housing scholarship is also available based on academic merit.

Remote Working ay ÖzU: During the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of Duke staff were forced to work remotely to reduce the spread of the virus. After a year of working remotely, some departments at OzU kept remote working as the standard.

Pedestrian Access on Campus: There are no carways within the campus, therefore the sole medium of on-campus transportation is walking.

Community Access: Özyegin University provides public access to all buildings, open spaces, and green spaces with prior notification. 
Özyeğin University Library is a center for living and learning with its spacious and comfortable atmosphere, a rich collection of books and movies, and high-level technologies that span across three floors with an area of 2270 m2.
The library is open to the public. 
Ozyegin University hosts an Art Collection with a generous donation by the Ozyegin Family. Young artists working in Turkey were selected for the collection. The University's collecting policy aims to continue the acquisition of works by Turkish and regional artists from the twentieth century to the present. All items from the collection are displayed in buildings on the campus and open to the public. All the art collection is available  online at
There are also exhibitions, seminars, and competitions held by different academic administrative units which are free of charge and open to the public.