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Collaboration with Deep Poverty Network - Mobile Food Bank Project

In the project carried out in partnership between the Basic  Needs Foundation (TİDER) and the Deep Poverty Network, work  was conducted directly in the focus areas for one year. The  activities progressed with a focus on access to basic rights. In  the neighborhoods where we worked, we identified which basic  rights and public services adults and children in households could  not access due to their specific needs and circumstances.

Within the project, a collaboration was established with Özyegin  University’s Faculty of Law. As part of this collaboration, senior law  students, along with mentor lawyers, prepared information notes  based on the needs arising in the field, conducted workshops,  and provided counseling services for individuals’ legal needs.

Through the project, 1360 food parcels from TİDER were delivered  to households through regular distribution over a period of 8  months. In addition to the received parcel support, collaboration  with various donors and NGOs was carried out to diversify the  support content according to the households. This included the  distribution of clothing, hygiene products, stationery, hot meals,  school meals, general hygiene products, and detergents.

Another aspect of the project involved informing households  about the social service mechanisms, directing them, and  monitoring the application process by a social worker. Individual  interviews were conducted with one adult from a total of 380  households. As part of the social service efforts, efforts were made to ensure  individuals’ access to public resources. Referrals were made to  the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB), as well as the district  Social Service Centers affiliated with the Ministry of Family and  Social Services, and the Social Aid Foundations (SYDV) affiliated  with the governorships. Information about İBB’s services, such  as food cards, newborn kits, employment offices, and support  for the disabled department, was provided, and 144 individuals  were able to access these services. 53 individuals who were directed to receive disability care,  disability allowance, elderly allowance, and social economic  support services provided by the Sancaktepe and Çekmeköy  Social Service Directorates began receiving support. Information  was provided to households about the support that could be  obtained from district governorships and SYDV for stoves, coal,  electricity bills, and cash assistance, and 54 individuals were  directed to receive these supports.