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Ensuring ÖzU is physically, technologically and culturally accessible for  people with a disability remained a key area of focus in 2021. In the  2021/22 academic year 91% (6739) of 7.429 students received a form of  tuition scholarship.  ÖzU promotes inclusion for thousands of students with disability through  individual education support plans, professional counselors, mental well being programs, mentoring and internships, and accessible teaching and  learning materials.

Disabled Students Unit

Disabled Students Unit organized under Psychological Counseling Services  aims to facilitate access to all services and opportunities offered in the  university and works in collaboration with other units to ensure the active  participation of students who need special care, counseling and support  in university life. In addition to standard support services, the Disabled  Students Unit organizes creative drama workshops, art therapy workshops,  seminars, plays, conversation, sharing group, movie screenings and  awareness activities about disability.

In the 2022/23 academic year, this office served 40 students according to  their disability types. A total of 10 activities were organized in 7 genres  such as art therapy workshops, movie screening, sharing groups, seminar,  conversation, play and stand. 79 students participated in these activities.

MyÖzU Campus Navigation

Özyegin University took another step and included a navigation system  to their own mobile app MyÖzU that shows the accessible pathways for  physically disabled people.