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ÖzU Fit Factory Ecosystem

 ÖzU Fit Factory  has supported severai  companies such as Counterfake, which uses artificial intelligence and image processing techniques to detect and distinguish counterfeit products sold on the internet or social media, thereby helping brand owners protect their interests. Hyperion which develops uninterrupted wireless internet access solutions using next-generation optical wireless communication technologies. IwrobotX, which develops solutions for cleaning freshwater sources and coastal areas more efficiently using autonomous marine vehicles. Mightycell, which produces solutions to enhance the capabilities of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) with hydrogen-based next-generation fuel cell technology. Tetis Biotechnology, which enables faster wound healing and develops supportive products from marine resources. Qubitrium, which produces high-security communication and high-precision imaging solutions using quantum technologies. AIWorkDesign, which provides artificial intelligence-supported daily and hourly energy production forecasts for wind energy plants, helping them comply with regulations and increase profitability. Şatana Biotechnology, which offers productivity-enhancing, bacteria-based next-generation solutions in the field of agricultural microbiology. Novart, which develops next-generation small satellite launch solutions in the aerospace and space technology sector. QuantWifi, which detects and suggests technological solutions for wireless network connection problems of internet service providers. And Pacha, which produces collagen and protein-rich functional food, known as 'paça cipsi'.