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Özyegin University is a partner in the LEGOFIT project which aims to work adaptable technological solutions based on early design actions for the construction and renovation of Energy Passive Homes.
The project is coordinated by Demir Enerji and is composed of 19 partners representing 10 countries, bringing together a multidisciplinary team, involving academic partners, small, medium and large enterprises from the energy and building sector and large European networks.
Due to the residential building characteristics, it is urgent to promote actions aimed at increasing the share of both existing buildings and new dwellings built with higher efficient standards and promoting energy renovation strategies at a large scale.
The LEGOFIT project aims to revolutionize energy efficiency in multi-family residential buildings by designing, implementing, and validating a flexible and integrated approach. This innovative approach is tailored for renovations but will also be adapted for new constructions during the project. It addresses long-standing challenges faced by LEGOFIT partners over the past decade in implementing energy-efficient projects in residential buildings.