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Vestel Technology Academy

Vestel Technology Academy is a long-term postgraduate education  program aimed at providing lifelong quality education to Vestel  White Goods employees and enhancing their technical knowledge  and expertise. It was established through the collaboration  of the Vestel Companies Group and Özyegin University. 

With this education program, employees who wish to pursue  postgraduate education are encouraged to obtain master’s and  doctoral-level education in the areas required by Vestel White  Goods. In 2022, 48 Vestel White Goods employees received a  total of 5,742 hours of training within the scope of the Vestel  Technology Academy. They continued their postgraduate  education in Computer Science, Electrical and Electronics  Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering,  and Data Science fields. To date, a total of 76 employees have  graduated. Furthermore, 16 academic projects have been  translated into industrial applications, and 6 projects have been  included in the patent, publication, and incentive processes. 

Established with the vision of “bringing the university campus  to the company,” Vestel Technology Academy also offers Vestel  White Goods engineers the opportunity to become internal  lecturers. Employees who are evaluated by Özyegin University  and meet the necessary prerequisites are appointed as guest  lecturers. In this context, internal lecturers continued to teach  at Vestel Technology Academy in the 2021-2022 academic year.