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Sustainability Education

The University aims to get its students to internalize a sustainable lifestyle and act accordingly as individuals and professionals. ÖzU is well aware of the fact that this goal can be achieved best through living in a  culture that prioritizes sustainability. To instill such a culture within the University, ÖzU has developed an innovative way to provide its students with sustainability education and to raise their awareness of sustainability in the early years of their tertiary education. The essence of this approach is to integrate sustainability as content into  ENG101 and ENG102 - compulsory academic English courses for English medium undergrad programs. The courses aim at not only creating a  culture by providing education on sustainability but also fostering the development of various sustainability projects designed by students.  The academic curriculum also offers a wide range of sustainability-related courses. As of the 2023 Fall Semester, a total number of  1,345 courses are offered, 445 of which are sustainability-related. 

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