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ÖzU Couple and Family Center (ÖzUÇAM)

Özyegin University Couple and Family Center was established in February  2017 as a training, application and research center for the Couple and  Family Therapy master’s degree program. The center is open to ÖzU  students and university staff and also any individuals outside of the  university. ÖzUÇAM aims to do scientific and societal contributions  by providing accessible couple and family therapy services for the  community. In addition, ÖzUÇAM is a center conducting research projects,  and providing certificated training programs in couple and family  therapy, as well as psychoeducation for individual and relational growth. As of September 2023 , ÖzUÇAM reached 889 counselees and provided 9152  counseling sessions. 68% of all the people receiving support from ÖzUÇam  are non-ÖzU members whereas 28% are ÖzU students and 4% are ÖzU staff.