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The project “Activate The University for Climate Change” (ATTUNE) has produced an innovative learning program that directly addresses climate change on the university campus and encourages students, academic staff, and administrative personnel to act together. The program is being simultaneously conducted at five different universities in Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, and Turkey as part of the Erasmus+ KA220-HED project.
We collaborate with 10 different organizations including universities and NGOs to create five main online education modules on sustainability (water, energy, food consumption, waste, and transportation). The program aims to successfully unite students, academicians and administrative staff to create a project that offers a sustainable solution to any of the problems.

Project is composed of Phase 1) Invite individual reflection and help participants to reduce their carbon footprint in their daily activities on the university campus and Phase 2)Create research-action teams that evaluate and propose actions to reduce the carbon footprint of the university.

Projects results will include materials designed to invite action from the university community, online resource platform for the university community to access all the materials necessary for the implementation of phase 1 and 2 and validated Action Programme in 5 European universities that could be run independently by other universities.