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ÖzU Law Clinics’ Application for Free Sanitary Pads in Penal Institutions

The ÖzU Law Clinics applied to the Ombudsman Institution within the scope of its Ombudsman Clinic’s activities. Remarking that women and girls in penal institutions experience menstrual poverty, and not having access to free and adequate sanitary pads in closed penal institutions is a violation of the right to health, Law Clinics requested that the Ministry of Justice makes the necessary arrangements to ensure free access to sanitary pads.
16 students from Özyeğin University, who volunteer at the Ombudsman Clinic, completed their preparations by receiving clinical training on the “Ombudsman Institution”, “Life in Prison” and “How to prepare an effective application petition” prior to the application.
The Ombudsman Institution forwarded the application to the Ministry of Justice in an effort to reach a friendly solution. The Ministry took the application into consideration, and issued a general letter to all penal institutions and Chief Public Prosecutor’s Offices, stating that feminine hygiene products should be provided free of charge, without any delay or discrimination.
With this decision, all women, girls, babies, and children will now have free access to hygienic products, and their right to health will be protected. Özyeğin University Law Clinics will follow up on the decision, and continue to serve people who have difficulty in accessing justice with unwavering commitment.