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Academic Freedom Policy

Özyeğin University became a signatory to the Magna Charta Universitatum on September 16, 2011, and declared its commitment to defend academic freedom and university autonomy. Since then Özyegin University has embraced academic freedom and affirmed its commitment to be a place of free and open inquiry. ÖzU understands this freedom as a duty to search for truth, wherever it may be found. Such inquiry and the attendant open discussions, unrestricted exchanges of ideas, and examinations of widely divergent materials are all essential components of academic freedom. ÖzU expects its faculty and students to conduct research, publish findings, and discuss ideas according to the principles, methods, and practices of their respective disciplines.
Academic freedom to pursue the truth must involve tolerance for students and faculty to make mistakes of inquiry. In embracing academic freedom, ÖzU pledges to defend this quest for truth by its officers, faculty, staff, and students. Furthermore, ÖzU seeks to create an environment in which students and faculty may pursue truth aware that errors and mistakes are necessarily part of the process. 
Özyegin also acknowledges the responsibilities that attend academic freedom.  These responsibilities begin with a commitment to honesty and integrity in dealing with officers of the institution, faculty, students, and the public. That integrity furthermore means a commitment to excellent scholarship. 
Özyegin recognizes academic freedom in tenure and promotion decisions, research, scholarship, publication, teaching, for senior and junior faculty, and public statements as private citizens.