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Susan Rottman from the Faculty of Social Sciences is the  principal investigator in the project Human Mobility, Global  Challenges and Resilience in an Age of Social Stress (Phoenix) supported by Belmont Forum. This is a study about Global  Changes , including environmental and climate changes,  demographic changes, changing consumption patterns,  energy and land-use, developments in the politics of food and  mental health, and socio-cultural transformations.

The project conducts two human-centric case studies of  social tipping points: (1) food security and belonging and (2)  cultural survival and resilience. These case studies provide  new ways of looking at how climate (im)mobilities and their  social tipping points are shaped by socio-cultural contexts  and the psycho-social health of populations. Drawing on  natural sciences like climate and sustainability studies and on  the social sciences of political science, sociology, psychology,  economics and anthropology, the project adds to the  interdisciplinary diagnostic and prognostic toolbox of Global  Change and mobility as well as vulnerability and resilience  assessments.