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Ethical Sourcing Policy

Özyeğin Health & Safety Management Plan applies to all the Özyeğin University faculty, staff, students, visitors, subcontractors, and business partners. This plan covers all facilities located on Özyeğin University Çekmeköy Campus, as well as all facilities/ countries, visited for our operational purposes. 
Subcontractors and business partners may develop their own Health & Safety Management Plans for their operations in line with Özyeğin University’s Health & Safety Management Plan. However, in such a case, they must obtain the approval of the HSE Department at Özyeğin University to maintain alignment and coordination with Özyeğin University’s Health & Safety Management Plan. Özyeğin University established its Occupational Health and Safety Management Plan by the ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Standard, as well as effective laws and regulations. The Özyeğin University Health & Safety Management Plan covers higher education activities and social and administrative services. 
The plan states that "The roles and responsibilities of purchasing specialists are as follows: To make sure the environmental and occupational health is taken into account when determining the specifications of a material or equipment that is needed for the University, to evaluate the performance of suppliers / subcontractors / contractors / service providers which provide goods or services for the University in terms of their compliance with the rules and regulations for occupational health, safety and environment, where a chemical material is needed/to be procured, to obtain and compare the material against MSDS during the selection process and recommend the least harmful one, before purchasing any material or equipment, to consult the HSE Department about their compliance with the health, safety and ergonomics standards, to work in coordination with HSE Coordinator to prepare informative and awareness-raising activities for employees who handle chemical materials so as to raise their awareness of the effects of these chemicals on environmental and occupational health."