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Electronic Waste Management at ÖzU

At Özyeğin University, we recently developed a comprehensive electronic waste management plan based on the 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) approach in alignment with environmental legislation and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard. The plan includes the following items.
1. Awareness and Training: One of our fundamental principles is to raise awareness among all stakeholders. We regularly conduct training sessions and announcements to educate students, faculty, administrative staff, and the entire university community about the importance of responsible electronic waste management.
2. Electronic Devices Usage: We provide laptops to all of our academicians and administrative staff, totaling 502 faculty and 350 administrative staff members. To reduce electronic waste, we operate on a 6-year laptop replacement cycle. When laptops are replaced, their old components are carefully evaluated for reusability. This practice not only minimizes electronic waste but also results in substantial cost savings.
In 2022, we retired 146 computers, and 144 of these were repurposed and found new uses. This approach not only minimizes electronic waste but also contributes a significant financial value of 150,000 Turkish Lira.