Sustainability both has been one of the core principles since the initiation and is deeply embedded in the strategy of our university whose mission has been the leading educational institution in providing a sustainable life style by trying to minimize the negative environmental, social, and economic effects stemming from her activities.  In accordance with this mission and values, OzU aimed to create and disseminate knowledge, raise awareness, and conduct multi and transdisciplinary research on the subject of sustainability.  In this context, the university, while approaching to the concept of sustainability from an academic perspective, is seeking to develop a university model creating a sustainable life style among all of her stakeholders.  To these ends, in order to:

  • Determine the goals for sustainability and monitor these goals, share the results with the stakeholders;
  • Conducting multidisciplinary research on sustainability;
  • Create a multidisciplinary teaching environment to which sustainability is embedded;
  •  Maintain a sustainable university campus;
  • To create coordinated networks to foster cooperation among stakeholders including faculty members, university staff, students, government bodies, and private sector both at the international and local level;

Ozyegin University founded OzU ‘Sustainability Platform’ an integrated model created under the common points of multidisciplinarity, participation, and inclusion.   The Platform, conducts its activities in accordance with OzU's vision, mission and code of ethics

Sustainability endeavors of Ozyegin University and the activities of the Platform can be followed via this web site. can be used to contact the Platform.