Global Goals for 2030, What’s Next? | Let’s Listen From Young People on World Youth Day

“The point where we are sensitive as young people is that young people play an important role in the new fiction that will be published after 2030 with a systematic study. We see the 17 SDGs that are currently on air and their editing far from young people in many respects. We do not find it acceptable that a fiction prepared for the future of the world is far from the young people who will live that future. For this reason, we synthesize the academic effort of university students and the thoughts of high school students and launch it as a big project in a composition that will be taken into account by the authorities. This time, adults are not saying “our young people are important too”. As young people, we say “we are important as young people and we express our opinions”. We avoid intermediary institutions saving our thoughts.”

The pilot study of the 2C1N Project, which we mentored as ÖzÜ SP, has been completed. The launch of the report prepared by 90 high school students, of which Özyeğin University and Zorlu Holding are stakeholders, to convey their demands for change to international decision makers, will take place at Özyeğin University on World Youth Day.

You can watch the launch, which will start on August 12 at 16:00, via the live broadcast to be made on the Youtube channel of the Simurg Association.

It has been a refreshing experience to be a stakeholder in this multi-discussion and viewpoint environment that young people have built around the concept of sustainability, which is based on a respectful and just world order. We share the project details from the Simurg Association and high school students' own pen:


Global Goals for 2030, What’s Next?

Within the scope of the 2C1N project within the body of Simurg Association and with the main partnership of Özyeğin University & Zorlu Holding, we were in an intensive training process with academics and trainers for 4 weeks with 90 high school students from 16 different cities and 60 different high schools in February 2021. This year our agendas were the goals of No Poverty, Zero Hunger, and Good Health and Well-Being. Again, in order to see the approaches of young people in Turkey for these 3 goals, we tried to hear the young people inclusively with more than 1500 individual surveys in total.

After 7 months of effort from start to finish, Simurg Association is proud to present the 2C1N project’s 2021 Sustainability Reports to your attention!

In reports, you will find young people's sustainability visions for the world after 2030, their expectations and criticism of the UN, their approach to the Global Goals, their focus on global issues, and an outline of the world they want to live in in the future.

We will make our launch live on our YouTube channel on 12 August UN World Youth Day, the day we will present our reports. We will be very happy to see you among us at our launch, where we will include the echoes of our high school youth in particular!

Don’t forget to add 12 August 4:00 pm to your calendars!

You can access our reports from after the launch.

May our journey to a sustainable world be permanent!


2C1N Project Team

The 2C1N project is a 9-year project designed to report and convey the description of the world that high school students, who are today's youth and adults after 2030, dream of in terms of sustainability to the decision makers who built these fictions. Our project has successfully completed its pilot year and sharing the reports with you in a way befitting the efforts of our youth is the first step we have taken towards a livable future.