Our University has embraced sustainability as one of its core values in its inception and strategy. The University sees it as its mission to serve as a pioneering higher education institution that strives to minimize the adverse environmental, social, cultural, and economic effects of its own activities, and leads society for a sustainable life style. In line with this mission and value, Özyeğin University aims to create and share knowledge about, and raise awareness of sustainability, and contribute to this multi-disciplinary and transdisciplinary environment. For this purpose, while addressing sustainable development academically, Özyeğin University endeavored to develop a university model which fosters a sustainable life style among all its participants/stakeholders. Drawing from this goal, the University established the OzU- SP ‘Sustainability Platform as a multidisciplinary, multi-participant/stakeholder, comprehensive, and integrated model. The platform is intended to:

  • Identify sustainability goals, perform reviews in line with these goals, and share the results with stakeholders,
  • Conduct multi-disciplinary research on sustainability,
  • Create a multi-disciplinary, sustainability-integrated education environment,
  • Maintain campus sustainability, and
  • Build coordinated networks made up of national and international faculty, university staff, students, public bodies, and private sector in order to promote collaborations among these stakeholders.

The Platform carries out its activities in accordance with OzU’s vision, mission, and code of ethics.

You may follow OzU’s sustainability initiatives and the Platform’s activities on this website or you can contact us any time at surdurulebilirlik@ozyegin.edu.tr.