The Sustainability Talk “A Look into 2030 from the Renewable Energy Perspective” will feature Assistant Prof. Göktürk Poyrazoğlu from the Electrical-Electronics Engineering Department at Özyeğin University.

Assistant Prof. Poyrazoğlu’s current research interests are centered on renewable energy, energy storage systems, and electric vehicles in Turkey. During the talk, Poyrazoğlu will give information about energy and energy production methods, which are the hot topics in the debate over the climate crisis, and will provide a historical evaluation of renewable energy, which is taking on more importance each day, and the effects of renewable energy investments in Turkey on total energy costs. Meanwhile, Assistant Prof. Poyrazoğlu will open for a discussion the questions:  ‘Did we do our part in the fight against the climate crisis?’, and ‘How necessary are energy storage technologies for a more renewable and sustainable future?’.


Speaker: Göktürk Poyrazoğlu - Assistant Prof.

Date: December 1, 2021

Time:  12:40 – 13:30

Location: OzU-X B27

The event will be held at OzU-X B27. It will also be broadcast simultaneously on Zoom. To participate in the Zoom broadcast, you can register at , for any questions you can send an e-mail to

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*The program quota is limited to 300 persons.