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The 6th of the Sustainability Talks, the flagship event of the Sustainability Platform at Özyeğin University organized in celebration of our University’s 10th Anniversary Events to address different dimensions of sustainability with the objective of deepening our knowledge and expanding our horizon about sustainability, took place with a presentation and photography exhibition opening where our graduate Utku Kuran shared his observations and experiences he had while he was volunteering in Tanzania to work on environmental problems.  

Immediately after his graduation from OzU, Utku went to Tanzania as a volunteer for Landscape and Conservation Mentors Organization (LCMO).  By combining research, conservation and development, LCMO is tackling interconnected issues such as the lack of dependable water sources, inadequate educational resources, unsustainable natural resource use and conflict between people and wildlife. The organization is performing various appliactions via different activities.  Utku, while staying with a family in the Usevia Village which is one of the 22 neighboring villages to Katavi National Park in Tanzania, observed the place of women and children in the society, the inadequacy of education, the difficulty in accessing clean water, famine and the conflict between human and the environment.  With his voluntary work in LCMO, he engaged in activities that are contributing to the solution process of the environmental problems as wel as sharing the importance of the ecosystem and biodiversity of the area with the societies. Additionally, combining environmental protection and societal development, gave educations to farmers and students regarding natural resource use and gave support to activities aiming to reduce the conflict between humans and the wild life. 

The 6th Talk started with a presentation by Utku on his experiences in Tanzania. The presentation took place in the Forum Area, Student Center on Wednesday, February 20, 2019, from 13:00 to 14:00.  The presentation followed by the launch of the photography exhibition in the Forum Area, at 14:15. Supported by OzU Zoom, the photography exhibition showcases Utku’s experiences in Tanzania.  The exhibition can be visited in the Forum Area until March 6, 2019.  

To watch the full talk please click here

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