The 7th edition of the Sustainability Talks, a flagship event organized by the Sustainability Platform at Özyeğin University in celebration of our University’s 10th Anniversary Events to address different dimensions of sustainability with the objective of deepening our knowledge and expanding our horizon about sustainability, took place with a talk by Gülseren Onanç on “Gender Equality and Politics in Turkey and in the World.” The talk was held in B027, OzU - X Design Area, on Wednesday, March 6, 2019.

In her speechö Gülseren Onanç addressed inequality and unfairness towards women, and drew attention to the major obstacles that women face in political participation. Onanç also discussed the importance of the rising wave of women around the world, and the individual roles and responsibilities.

To watch the full talk please click here.


Gülseren Onanç

She received her bachelor’s degree from İTÜ Management Engineering in 1987 after graduating from Çemberlitaş High School for Girls and Bakırköy Kocasinan High School. Subsequent to working for İstanbul Municipality for a year, she went to Michigan State University and got his MBA on international marketing.  Ms Onanç became a partner in a software company which one of her friends founded.  In 1991, one month after her graduation, she assumed the position of Sales and Marketing Manager in the Russia operations of Eczacıbaşı.  She witnessed the collapse of Soviet Union.  Ms Onanç led Eczacıbaşı to create a brand in the generic medicine market, found a pharmacy chain, and become one of the first foreign companies to operate in the Russian Federation.

After returning to Turkey, she acted as the general manager and country representative in Balsu and Ferrero companies. In 2000, she decided to become an entrepreneur starting with a company offering technology and marketing services and ended up founding Ticketturk in 2003.  Ms Onanç has become one of the founders of Women Entrepreneurs Association (KAGIDER) founded the same year, becoming the president of the Association in 2007 assuming the role until 2011. During her presidency in the Association, with the belief in the total empowerment of women, developed policy proposals and lobbied to lower the barriers in front of women to join the workforce. She also actively participated in the establishment of Gender Equality Commission in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.  She also organized education programs, local and international events to support women entrepreneurs and worked with the banks to open credit lines for women entrepreneurs. Ms Onanç strived to make Turkish women entrepreneurs become the most active ones in the region.  She organized events and lobbied to contribute to the EU negotiations of Turkey. She worked with the government in various KAGIDER projects, got to know women members of the parliament. Subsequently she became an active politician.  Currently she is the coordinator in Equality, Justice, Woman Platform (