Project Manager:
Sevil Yazıcı, Canan Akoğlu, Ayşe Özbil Torun, Işılay Tekçe, Ceren Bayezidoğlu
Architecture & Interior Architecture and Environmental Design
Research Areas:
computational design, material systems,, digital fabrication, performance assessment and optimization processes
Project Start Year:
Project End Year:
+90 216 564 95 76
About the Project:
In today's circumstances, it seems inevitable to evaluate design production within the context of sustainability. Therefore, the concept of sustainability in terms of computational design, material and performance and the effects of this concept on the design process have been opened to discussion within the scope of the 9th National Symposium on Computational Design in Architecture. Participants from different universities throughout Turkey have joined to the symposium, and a Proceedings Book that contains 17 full-text papers has been published by Özyeğin University Press.
Project Finding:
The 9th National Symposium on Computational Design in Architecture has provided an opportunity to increase awareness throughout the country and explore the possibilities of research in the intersection of sustainability and computational design.