Project Manager:
Erkan Yönder
Research Areas:
Real estate financing (real estate investment trusts, commercial real estate), corporate finance, behavioral finance, green buildings and corporate sustainability
Project Start Year:
Project End Year:
0 (216) 564 95 15
About the Project:
The preliminary study has revealed that solar water heating systems lead to a reduction in carbon emissions and energy bills and reflect positively on home value. These results can contribute to extend the use of solar water heating systems by explaining their environmental and economic benefits. These systems can also be promoted by policies formed in the light of the statistical results of this particular project, which would contribute to the goals of clean energy and sustainable city. This project aims to statistically demonstrate the benefits of solar water heating systems in the reduction of carbon emissions and energy consumption and to investigate the influences of solar water heating systems on home prices and rents.
Project Finding:
The initial findings of this project have shown that solar water heating systems reduce a household's energy consumption by 13% whereas they increase the expected home value by about 6%, which is reflected on the rents by 3%.